Harlan Teklad动物饲料2019 Teklad global 19% protein extruded rodent diets

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2019 Teklad global 19% protein extruded rodent diets

2019 Teklad global 19% protein extruded rodent diets

Product Features

  • Designed to support gestation, lactation, and growth of rodents
  • Useful for poorly breeding strains of rodents and genetically engineered stocks and strains
  • Extruded form ensures that despite its high fat content, it remains firm with minimal wastage
  • Formulated to exclude soybean meal, thus minimizing the presence of isoflavones, the primary type of phytoestrogen found in lab animal diets
  • Typical isoflavone concentrations (daidzein + genistein aglycone equivalents) range from non-detectable to 20 mg/kg
  • Exclusion of alfalfa reduces chlorophyll, greatly improving fluorescent optical imaging clarity
  • Absence of animal protein and fish meal minimizes the presence of nitrosamines (a potential carcinogen)


Teklad rodent diets Non-autoclavable form Autoclavable Irradiated
Teklad global 19% protein extruded 2019 2019S 2919

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