MegaQuant™分光光度计(生化分析仪) MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer 货号:D-MQWAVE Megazyme中文站


英文名:MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer


规格:1 Unit

市场价: 40800

The MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer (Chemistry Analyzer) is a compact, economical, standalone visible spectrometer supplied with exclusive software offering the capability of up to 4 absorbance readings per sample to accommodate sequential reactions. An extensive and continually expanding range of pre-installed protocols for use with Megazyme test kits is also included, offering ease of use for the analyst, providing on-board step-by-step instruction and fully automated calculation of results, even accounting for individual sample dilution.
Its streamlined design offers touch screen interface, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories and wineries.
 • Pre-installed protocols for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits (manual assay procedures)
 • Exclusive software capable of up to 4 absorbance readings per sample to accommodate sequential reaction
 • Fully automated data analysis (automated results calculation accounting for individual sample dilution)
 • Twice as many tests available using Megazyme test kits (option to use half volumes stated in the manual assay
 • Use as a standard visible spectrometer in absorption mode (MegaCalc™ compatible)
 • Suitable for low sample numbers/small laboratories/wineries
 • Competitive price

  • Accommodates 12 mm tubes (D-SFTUBE)
  • Interactive touch-screen LCD (with USB mouse option)
  • Temperature controlled read cell and 12-cell incubation block (ambient, 25oC or 37oC)
  • Memory accommodates up to 120 protocols
  • Open system allows entry of user protocols
  • Assay modes: Absorbance, Factor, Standard, Point-to-Point, Regression, Cubic Spline (all modes kinetically, batch or singly)
  • On board curve fitting calculations with step-by-step user prompting
  • Includes six long-life IAD filters: 340, 405, 505, 545, 580 and 630 nm
  • Bichromatic and Monochromatic reading
  • Output: On-board graphics printer or optional export of results to PC/Laptop using SFCapture software
Pre-installed Megazyme Protocols:
Acetic acid (K-ACETRM)
Acetaldehyde (K-ACHYD)
L-Arabinose/D-Galactose (K-ARGA)
Ascorbic acid (K-ASCO)
Citric acid (K-CITR)
Ethanol (K-ETOH)
Formic acid (K-FORM)
D-Fructose/D-Glucose (K-FRUGL)
D-Gluconate (K-GATE)
D-Glucose (K-GLUC/K-GLUHK)
D-Lactic acid (K-DATE)
L-Lactic acid (K-LATE)
D/L-Lactic acid (K-DLATE)
Lactose/Galactose (K-LACGAR)
L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia (K-LARGE)
D-Malic acid (K-DMAL)
L-Malic acid (K-LMAL)
D-Mannitol/L-Arabitol (K-MANOL)
Primary amino nitrogen (K-PANOPA)
D-Sorbitol/Xylitol (K-SORB)
Succinic acid (K-SUCC)
Free Sulphite (K-SULPH)
Tartaric acid (K-TART)
Urea/Ammonia (K-URAMR)
D-Xylose (K-XYLOSE)
…..and continually expanding.