TQC 标准Tac粉尘检测试剂盒磁带SP3209卷价格|型号 _水质分析用耗材及试剂原理

TQC 标准Tac粉尘检测试剂盒磁带SP3209卷

TQC 标准Tac粉尘检测试剂盒磁带SP3209卷

  • 商品编号:TQC 标准Tac粉尘检测试剂盒磁带SP3209卷
  • 货  号:TQC 标准Tac粉尘检测试剂盒磁带SP3209卷
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符合人体工程学的测试套件来评估灰尘颗粒对喷砂清理的表面涂装前按照ISO 8502-3标准的数量和大小。在特定情况下,于设备下方放一个胶带用于拾起灰尘和任何残留物。
由于这些测试都在苛刻的条件下进行的现场套件的设计,当不使用时,所有独立的项目装进一个特殊的粘结剂的盒子,并固定到位。 报告表格还提供设施要注意在预处理过程中检查其它相关参数,如缩合/露点,粗糙度,盐污染和视觉清洁度。 一个可选的弹簧加载的辊子可在ISO 8502-3中所述杆来执行测试。 5.3以确保在测试带可再现的力。
An ergonomic test kit to assess the quantity and size of dust particles on blast cleaned surfaces prior to painting following the ISO 8502-3 standard. An adhesive tape is applied under specified conditions on the blasted surface picking up any residue of dust or blasting media when removed.
The kit contains all required tools to perform the test such as specified adhesive tape, a pictorial standard to define dust quantity and size, an illuminated magnifier, scissors, a tape-transfer sheet and a set of report forms for permanent record keeping of sample findings.
Since these tests have to be made on-site in often harsh conditions the kit has been designed so that all separate items fit inside a special binder-case and are secured in place when not in use. The report forms also offer facilities to note other relevant parameters during pre-treatment inspection such as condensation/ dew point, roughness, salt contamination and visual cleanliness. An optional spring loaded roller is available to perform the test as described in ISO 8502-3 par. 5.3 to ensure reproducible force on the test tape.