Jing HiMass CAST 7200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器价格|型号 _气溶胶发生器原理

Jing HiMass CAST 7200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器

HiMass CAST适合较高的总流量和总烟灰质量输出需求的应用项目。

  • 商品编号:Jing HiMass CAST 7200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器
  • 货  号:Jing HiMass CAST 7200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器
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Soot particle: similar morphology to diesel soot particle
Particle size range: 20-200 nm, >300 nm with suppl. Equipment (optional)
Particle size distribution mono-modal
Concentration range: up to 108 particle/cm3
Undituted Smoke/Exhaust gas 500 l/min (30 m3/h)
Flow rate of dilution min. 1500 l/min (90 m3/h) recommended
Mass output: up to 10 g/hour or higher on request
Temperature of aerosol flow: 70-140 ºC
Mass determination / Calibration gravimetric analysis of soot sample on filter
Repeatablility <5%
Fuel requirement: Oil free, industry quality
Oxidation and dilution air: Ambient air
Quench gas: Ambient air
Power requirements: 115/220V
Device dimension (LWH): 130 cm x 65 cm x 55 cm
Accesories HiMass CAST Software, manual, mobile plat-form