miltenyi美天旎磁珠分选柱子LS Columns

miltenyi美天旎磁珠分选柱子LS Columns

  • 产品型号:  130-042-401
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  • miltenyi美天旎磁珠分选柱子LS Columns

miltenyi美天旎磁珠分选柱子LS Columns

LS Columns are designed for positive selection of cells. They are also suitable for the depletion of strongly magnetically labeled cells.

LS Columns can be used with the following separators:

  • MidiMACS™ Separator
  • QuadroMACS™ Separator
  • VarioMACS™ Separator, in combination with an LS Column Adapter
  • SuperMACS™ II Separator
  • MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus, in combination with the Single Column Adapter

miltenyi美天旎磁珠分选柱子LS Columns

Column capacity

For lymphoid cells from blood, bone marrow or tissue:

Up to 108 magnetically labeled cells from up to 2×109 total cells.

For the capacity of cells from other tissues, e.g., neural tissues, please refer to the data sheet provided with the particular MACS Cell Separation Reagent.

For use with the MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus:

Up to 108 magnetically labeled cells from up to 1×109 total cells.