TQC 针脚,SS,每个5/16“×24”,(需要4个) – 当土壤框没买时,与SR-2连用价格|型号 _水质分析用耗材及试剂原理

TQC 针脚,SS,每个5/16“×24”,(需要4个) – 当土壤框没买时,与SR-2连用

TQC 针脚,SS,每个5/16“×24”,(需要4个) – 当土壤框没买时,与SR-2连用

  • 商品编号:TQC 针脚,SS,每个5/16“×24”,(需要4个) – 当土壤框没买时,与SR-2连用
  • 货  号:TQC 针脚,SS,每个5/16“×24”,(需要4个) – 当土壤框没买时,与SR-2连用
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该型号SR-2是一个非常准确的电阻仪用数字显示。 按钮操作,容易改变的范围,使操作简单。 使用在野外或实验室用大头针或土壤框。





量程范围内轻松调整 – 0.1欧姆~3兆欧

该仪器可用于与任何两(2)或四(4)针,它们以相等的距离被设置在土壤里成一条直线上。 该引脚被命名为C1,P1,P2和C2。 电压是C1和C2之间驱动,而阻力降P1和P2(4针法)之间测得的。 在两针法,电阻压降测量C1和C2之间。 引脚之间的距离是相等的土壤阻力的深度。

四(4)针法已被标准化为ASTM标准G 57-95(a)和该方法是在NACE国际得到认可。

The Model SR-2 is a very accurate resistance meter with a digital display. Push button operation and easy to change ranges make operation simple. Use in the field or lab with pins or soil boxes.


Digital meter readout

Push button operation

Weather/Impact resistant case

Easily move between ranges – 0.1 Ohm to over 

3 MegOhms

The instrument may be used with either two (2) or four (4) pins, which are set into soil in a straight line, at equal distances. The Pins are named C1, P1, P2 and C2. Voltages are driven between C1 and C2, while resistance drop is measured between P1 and P2 (4 pin method). In the two pin method, the resistance drop is measured between C1 and C2 only. The distance between the pins is equal to the depth of the soil resistance.

The four (4) pin method has been standardized by ASTM as Standard G 57-95(a) and this method is also described in NACE Internationals。