Brechtel 1205 Ground-based Counterflow Virtual Impactor Inlet System (GCVI)价格|型号 _气溶胶粒径谱仪原理

Brechtel 1205 Ground-based Counterflow Virtual Impactor Inlet System (GCVI)

Brechtel 1205 Ground-based Counterflow Virtual Impactor Inlet System (GCVI),服务电话,13916696061

  • 商品编号:Brechtel 1205 Ground-based Counterflow Virtual Impactor Inlet System (GCVI)
  • 货  号:Brechtel 1205 Ground-based Counterflow Virtual Impactor Inlet System (GCVI)
  • 品  牌:美国BMI(Brechtel是一个团队通过开发已知技术,致力于推动科学发现的专家。我们的团队已经积累了数十年的飞机,船舶,山峰,高楼林立,海岸线上,无人驾驶飞机实地抽样体验 – 甚至是热带雨林。因此,我们理解科学测量是多么困难,而且继续致力于在我们整个产品的生命支持我们的客户。我们认为,技术应该更公开地提供和易于使用。高品质的测量应该是常态,而不是例外 – 客户不需要太多调试设备,就可以确保它们正常工作。我们致力于为客户提供易于使用,易于维护的测量设备,使客户专注于自己的科学解决方案。我们的愿景我们的目标是让所有消费者获得他们呼吸的空气质量信息。我们的任务我们的使命是开发和为市场带来创新并具有成本效益的空气质量测量工具。)
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The Brechtel Model 1205 GCVI is the ideal virtual impactor tool for probing the detailed properties of actual cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) inside real clouds. The GCVI was developed for long-term, unattended deployments at mountain and other sites with accessible clouds so researchers could explore aerosol-cloud interactions with the ease of ground operation. Significant anti-icing experience from decade-long aircraft inlet development was applied to the GCVI to ensure the automated wind tunnel lid would open and close reliably under most sampling conditions. With on-line cloud, rain and snow detection, the built-in software will automatically turn your system on when cloud is detected and off when the clouds disappear.

Peer-reviewed and characterized CVI Inlet

Droplet cut size diameters between 7 and 15 microns

15 lpm total instrument sample flow

Fully automated for long-term operation

Laminar flow element measures sample flow and automatically adjusts to changing instrument flows

Counter flow rate adjustable between 1 and 10 lpm to vary droplet cut size in real-time

Automatic power on/off with easy-to-use software

Wind tunnel lid closes automatically

Integrated rain/snow sensor

Tower mountable

Integrated anti-icing systems

Removable porous tube tip assembly

Technical Specs

PARAMETER                VALUE

Droplet diameter cut size range 7-15 µm

Add flow rate range to tip 16-25 lpm

Add flow temperature range 20-45°C

Range of counterflow air flow rate 1-10 lpm

Constant air sample flow rate 15 lpm

Total air sample flow available to instruments 15 lpm

Compressor, vacuum pump and blower power (max) 2000 watts @ 230 VAC

Anti-icing power (max) 1160 watts @ 28 VDC

Other power (external laptop) 50 watts @ 115 VAC

Weather-proof enclosure size 25″W x 50″H x 34″D

Weather-proof electronics enclosure weight 220 lb/99.8 kg

Total system weight 290 lb/131.5 kg

Wind tunnel inlet height (tower mounted) 2 to 10 meters

Wind tunnel flow rate 750-1,500 lpm

Wind tunnel throat velocity range 50-100 m/sec

System footprint size 2×2 meters

Operating temperature range -20-35°C

Operating pressure range 500-1,000 mb (abs)