Jing miniCAST 6200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器价格|型号 _气溶胶发生器原理

Jing miniCAST 6200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器

通过使用扩散火焰或是预混火焰,产生真实的燃烧碳黑气溶胶颗粒。新设备是基于我们的专门技术和在气溶胶研究领域超过 10 年的开发和研究经验所开发出来的,RSGminiCAST扩展了CAST 原有的应用范围,其设计和特性能满足各种实验室和携带应用的要求。

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Jing miniCAST 6200燃烧碳黑气溶胶发生器价格|型号 _气溶胶发生器原理

Real combutions soot aerosol

Fuel: gaseous fuel (propane recommended)

Well defined diffusion flame

More effetive and safer sooting than pre-mixed flame

Thus low fuel gas consumption (< 20ml/min !)

No pre-mixed fuel (danger of explosion) in the burner

Slim log-normal particle size distribution

Rapid adjustable particle size in a range from 10 to 160 nm

Particle number concentration up to 108 particle/cm3

Particle output: flow rate 3 l/min (+variable dil. air: 0-10 l/min), total mass of soot up to 30 mg/hour

Reproducible physical and chemical characteristics

High stability and repeatability in size and concentration

Pressure: free for open and close system (up to 150 mbar on request)

No condensation of water in the particle stream

No soot contamination within the main device

Internal ignition with flame safety device

颗粒种类: Combustion soot particle
颗粒尺寸范围: 10-160 nm, >160 or > 300 nm on request
浓度上限: Undiluted: up to 108 particle/cm3
排放烟气流速: 3 l/min (variable dil. air 0-10 l/min optional)