DAKO丹科human Lambda Light Chains现货供应

DAKO丹科human Lambda Light Chains现货供应

  • 产品型号:  A0193
  • 简单描述
  • DAKO丹科human Lambda Light Chains现货供应
    产品类型 : 抗体
    产品名称 : Lambda Light Chains
    目录 : A0193
    克隆性 : 多克隆
    宿主 : 兔

DAKO丹科human Lambda Light Chains现货供应DAKO丹科human Lambda Light Chains现货供应

产品类型 :抗体

产品名称 :Lambda Light Chains

目录 :A0193

克隆性 :多克隆

宿主 :兔

The antigen used for immunization is a pool of human lambda Bence Jones proteins. Therefore, a reagent with a particularly wide specificity for lambda-chains is obtained. The specificity is directed against surface as well as hidden determinants and has been ascertained by gel precipitation techniques and immunohistochemistry.
A0193 is excellent for the typing of free and bound monoclonal lambda-chains by immunoelectrophoresis and immunofixation.

Key Features

  • Excellent specificity and precipitation ability
  • High lot to lot consistency
  • Optimized for a variety of applications with validated protocols
  • Certified manufacturing facilities guarantee full quality control

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