ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306价格|型号 _洁净室配件原理

ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306

ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306

  • 商品编号:ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306
  • 货  号:ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306
  • 品  牌:ITW(美国ITW(Illinois Tool Works)集团成立于1912年,是美国《Fortune》杂志所评鉴的500强公司之一,公司业务涵盖建筑,机械,化工,食品,石油等行业。)
  • 所得积分:14
  • 市场价: ¥1799.88
  • 销售价: ¥1499.90
  • 节省: ¥299.98

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ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306 ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe is a reliable and dependable addition to the ITW Laboratory Consumables family of products. Combining top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price, the ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306/ TWTX306 can fulfill your laboratory needs while still offering a great value for the money.

Product Category Description:

These 100% cotton wipers are woven using long-staple cotton fiber and finished using a proprietary process that reduces linting, particulates, and extractables. These wipers are free from chemical additives such as bleaches, starch fillers, or binders. The double-sided twill weave has a density of 118×60 threads. The wipers are bias-cut to ensure that the edges will not ravel or lint. The strength, heat resistance, absorbency, and chemical tolerance of the wipers make them suitable for a wide variety of critical applications.

Specifications for ITW Woven Cotton Wipers, ITW Texwipe TX306 :

Size, cm (in.):  15.2 x 15.2 (6 x 6) Unit:  Pack of 600 Particle Generation, 0.5-5 µm:  400 x 106/m2 Particle Generation, 5-100 µm:  15 x 106/m2 Particle Generation, Fibers (>100 µm):  80,000 Extractables, Using Deionized Water:  0.20 g/m2 Extractables, Using Isopropyl Alcohol:  0.35 g/m2 Ions, Sodium:  70 ppm Ions, Potassium:  7 ppm Ions, Chloride:  10 ppm Ions, Absorbency (Water):  250 mL/m2, 1.46 mL/g Ions, Time to Half-sorption:  5 sec. Ions, Basis Weight:  175 g/m2

(Please note that the description and stock photo may not correspond to the specific model listed above)

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